"It's Hard for Me to Keep Up with Everyone, but..." Jessi Shares Her Love for NCT MARK

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 19, 2022

"It's Hard for Me to Keep Up with Everyone, but..." Jessi Shares Her Love for NCT MARK
Hip-hop artist Jessi shared her love for MARK of K-pop boy group NCT. 

Recently, Jessi took time to speak to fans through a live broadcast. 

During the live broadcast, Jessi mentioned that she enjoys listening to 'Beatbox' that NCT DREAM dropped in the end of May. 

Jessi hummed and said, "Oh my God, by the way, I love NCT DREAM's new song. That song has a great vibe." 

She excitedly continued, "When I saw their performance, do you know who caught my eye? MARK really stood out among them." 

She went on, "Honestly, it's hard for me to keep up with everyone, but... MARK was amazing. I thought he was really talented." 
JessiThen, Jessi recalled seeing MARK on Mnet's survival hip-hop show 'High School Rapper'. 

The hip-hop artist stated, "I remember seeing him on that show. I feel like MARK is naturally talented. He's really good at dancing as well. He's a total all-rounder, who can sing, rap and dance well."

She resumed, "I don't tend to watch performances by others, but you know when you're on Instagram or TikTok, you kind of get to see their videos." 

She added, "Usually though, I'm just scrolling through them quickly thinking, 'Okay, I mean, they're good. They're good-looking.' I'm not too interested, because they're too young and stuff, but MARK... He's like 'Wow'. He's got a lot of charisma, too."  
Born and raised in Canada, MARK's family moved to Korea after he got into SM Entertainment as a trainee. 

MARK trained at SM Entertainment for about four years before he made debut in 2016.

MARK is part of NCT, and unit groups including NCT U, NCT 127, NCT DREAM, SuperM; he is the main rapper as well as the lead dancer. 
MARK(Credit= 'jessicah_o' Instagram, SM Entertainment) 

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