KAZUHA Says the Fact She Quit 15 Years of Ballet & Made K-pop Debut Was Her Biggest Step

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 19, 2022

KAZUHA Says the Fact She Quit 15 Years of Ballet & Made K-pop Debut Was Her Biggest Step
KAZUHA of K-pop girl group LE SSERAFIM shared that the biggest step she has ever taken in life was to quit 15 years of ballet and make K-pop debut. 

On July 19, KAZUHA took part in the photo shoot for one fashion magazine. 
KAZUHAFollowing the photo shoot, KAZUHA sat down for an interview with them and talked about her life in the K-pop industry. 

KAZUHA said, "Making that transition from ballet to K-pop was the biggest step that I'd ever taken in my life. Before I made debut, I struggled with the language; my Korean wasn't very good. But it's gotten a lot better now. I've been spending a lot of time speaking with my group members, so..." 

She continued, "I may not look it, but I'm actually a quite ambitious person. I think it's good to have ambitions, because they make me dream without thinking about difficulties I might face in reality." 

She went on, "I don't want to solely focus on my ability, and results that come from it. If I do, I will feel too depressed. When I feel like I'm stuck, unable to move forward, I think about the reason why I started liking K-pop and why I'm here. I also try to enjoy the whole process in K-pop as much as I can."
KAZUHAThen, KAZUHA mentioned that it has only been two months since she entered the industry. 

KAZUHA stated, "It's only been two months since my debut, but I'm thankful that many people are taking their interest in me. I think they find it cool that I was learning ballet abroad." 

Lastly, she added, "I would like to keep improving myself, build my career in this area, and show everyone the new sides of me as a K-pop singer." 
KAZUHA(Credit= 'official.lesserafim' Facebook) 

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