VIDEO: SEJEONG Hilariously Reacts to a Shop Owner Who Says She Looks like SEJEONG

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 21, 2022

VIDEO: SEJEONG Hilariously Reacts to a Shop Owner Who Says She Looks like SEJEONG
K-pop artist SEJEONG hilariously responded to a coffee shop owner who said, "Oh, you look like SEJEONG!"

On July 19, a new video was uploaded on TWICE's official YouTube channel. 

The video showed SEJEONG and JIHYO of K-pop girl group TWICE on a trip to Jeju Island. 
SEJEONG and JIHYOOn the second day in Jeju Island, the two besties headed to a coffee shop. 

When they were ordering their drinks, the owner asked them, "Are you two from Seoul?" 

As they nodded and said, "Yes.", the owner said while looking at SEJEONG, "You look like SEJEONG. You get that a lot, right? I thought you were her at first." 

It seemed like the coffee shop owner completely failed to see that the girl was SEJEONG for real. 

To this, SEJEONG responded, "Really? Wow, it feels great to hear that.", then pointed at JIHYO and playfully asked, "Doesn't she look like a member of TWICE? JIHYO, perhaps?" 
SEJEONG and JIHYOThe owner gasped in surprise, then said, "Oh! She does! She does look much like JIHYO. I kept wondering whether you two are celebrities in my mind."

JIHYO laughed and commented, "We must look a lot like them. I'm so happy that I look like a famous person!" 

Then, SEJEONG laughingly told the owner the truth, "Stop it, JIHYO! Yes, you're right. We are who you think we are. Sorry! We were just excited that you didn't recognize us." 

The owner laughed with them after finding out that they really were SEJEONG and JIHYO visiting his coffee shop. 

Later on, the owner played their songs when they were in the outdoor area of the coffee shop, and they danced to them, not minding a single bit that the other customers were looking at them. 

(Credit= 'TWICE' YouTube) 

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