'E.L.F.' (G)I-IDLE YUQI Gifts Cute Custom Cakes to Super Junior Members on Their Concert Day

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 21, 2022

'E.L.F.' (G)I-IDLE YUQI Gifts Cute Custom Cakes to Super Junior Members on Their Concert Day
YUQI of K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE gave the members of boy group Super Junior cute custom cakes on their concert day. 

On July 17, the last day of Super Junior's 3-day Seoul concert 'Super Show 9 : Road' took place at Jamsil Arena. 

On this day, Super Junior's huge fan―longtime E.L.F. (the name of Super Junior's fandom)―YUQI attended the concert. 

During the concert, Super Junior noticed YUQI in the audience and they danced to 'TOMBOY', which is (G)I-DLE's recent hit track. 

They also said hi to YUQI; YUQI waved back and danced to 'TOMBOY' in return, while holding the concert banner in her hand, just like other fans around her.
At the end of the concert, YUQI went to visit Super Junior at backstage and posed for a photo together. 

Following the photo session, YUQI gave all nine members of Super Junior a special gift, including HeeChul who could not participate in the concert. 

The presents were custom cakes that YUQI had gotten made especially for them. 

Each cake, colored in blue―the official color of Super Junior and E.L.F., was decorated beautifully with icing sugar in different styles. 

Over the cakes, each name of Super Junior was written alongside the same message, "Congratulations on welcoming the ninth Super Show!" 
YUQILater on, YUQI updated her Instagram with the group photo and wrote, "I had the honor of attending 'Super Show' today. They called out my name, and that really touched my heart." 

She continued, "I've dreamed about performing on stage all due to 'Super Shows', and I still can't believe that I've become part of the K-pop industry myself now. The fact that they called out my name during 'Super Show' just meant so much to me." 

She resumed, "I felt like I was dreaming today. I want to promote with my group members for a long time, like Super Junior. I still look up to you! I will keep doing my best to be like you, Super Junior!" 
YUQI(Credit= 'yuqisong.923' Instagram, Online Community) 

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