"She Called Me and Said..." DKZ JAECHAN Shares the Creepiest Recent Stalking Experience

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 22, 2022

"She Called Me and Said..." DKZ JAECHAN Shares the Creepiest Recent Stalking Experience
JAECHAN of K-pop boy group DKZ shared his recent stalking experience that creeped everyone out. 

On July 21 episode of MBC's television show 'Midnight Horror Story', JAECHAN shared a creepy thing that happened to him recently. 

After listening to one university student who suffered extreme distress and ended up taking time off from school because of a creepy stalker, comedienne Kim Sook said, "I found a note on my front door one day. I thought it was some sort of official notice by the apartment complex at first, but..." 

She continued, "It said, 'I know you are at home today. I'm going to just go today, but please open the door for me when I come again tomorrow.' That note really bothered me, and I got scared. So, I moved soon after." 
Midnight Horror StoryThen, JAECHAN stated, "I have a similar experience, actually. It happened to me very recently, and it scared me a lot as well." 

He resumed, "It was a couple of months ago, after my practice. I was at the dance studio for hours for a practice, and looked at my phone as I was leaving. I had missed three to four calls from the same number, so I called back." 

He continued, "Since they didn't answer my call, I thought they were just calls that were dialed to a wrong number. I was just like, 'Okay.' and walked home." 

"As I entered the password to my home, and got in, I received a call from the same number. When I picked it up, the caller said to me, 'You're finally home now, aren't you?' I was so surprised. It was a woman's voice.", he added. 

After listening to JAECHAN's shocking story, the host Kim Gu-ra commented, "Whoa, it must have been one of your sasaeng (obssessive) fans." 
Midnight Horror StoryMidnight Horror StoryDuring the talk, JAECHAN also revealed that he is the most cowardly member of DKZ. 

JAECHAN said, "When I had watched something scary, I've always felt like something would come out of the space under the bed." 

He laughingly went on, "At our group's dorm, there is a bed that doesn't have any space underneath, and that's mine. I personally bought it myself." 

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