VIDEO: SUNMI States that She Has Asked a Celebrity Out First in the Past

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 22, 2022

VIDEO: SUNMI States that She Has Asked a Celebrity Out First in the Past
K-pop artist SUNMI revealed that she has asked a celebrity out first in the past. 

On July 21, one popular YouTube channel released a video of SUNMI interviewing K-pop artist HYOLYN. 

During the interview, they took some time to ask each other random questions to find more about one another. 
MobidicWhen the question, "Have you ever asked a celebrity out first?" was asked, SUNMI answered, "Yes, I have." 

HYOLYN responded in surprise, "Really? I haven't. I don't have that experience at all." 

SUNMI awkwardly laughed and said, "Let me explain. I'm just not usually the type of person who hides my feelings if I like somebody." 

She continued, "I don't even play hard to get. I honestly can't hide my feelings for them; it's just how I am. I don't know how to!"  
MobidicHYOLYN said, "It's different for me. I'm a little careful. Even if I develop feelings for somebody, I'm not like, 'Oh, I'm going to go ask him out, because I like him.' I don't think it that simply." 

She resumed, "When times like that come, there are lots of thoughts being processed in my head like, 'Is he really an okay guy?', 'Would it really be okay for me to ask him out first?', and things like that." 

She added, "So, I just end up not asking them out. I'm like, 'Never mind.' in the end." 
MobidicThen, HYOLYN asked SUNMI, "In that case, what about the time when someone asks you out? How do you say no to him if you're not interested?" 

SUNMI answered, "Oh, I just block them.", then laughed. 

SUNMI is in the 16th year in the industry, and HYOLYN in her 12th year. 

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