BTS JIMIN Tells What He Has Been Up to Lately on the Phone with Ha Sung Woon

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 22, 2022

BTS JIMIN Tells What He Has Been Up to Lately on the Phone with Ha Sung Woon
JIMIN of K-pop boy group BTS share what he had been up to lately on the phone with his close celebrity friend K-pop artist Ha Sung Woon. 

On July 21 episode of KBS Cool FM's radio show 'Kiss the Radio', Ha Sung Woon made a guest appearance. 

During the talk, Ha Sung Woon called JIMIN to find out how much JIMIN knows about him. 

Ha Sung Woon asked various questions about himself, such as his height, place of birth, songs that he can play on the guitar and more, but JIMIN playfully did not give any correct answers to them even though he knew all the answers. 

Then, JIMIN told the host Lee Minhyuk that him and Ha Sung Woon often talk to each other when they are in the restroom. 
Ha Sung WoonHa Sung WoonWhen asked what he has been up to these days, JIMIN responded, "I've been working on my own music recently." 

He continued, "Whenever I gather with the members of BTS, we try doing a lot of things together as well." 

After that, Ha Sung Woon and JIMIN spoke about their first-ever duet song 'With You' for the drama 'Our Blues' soundtrack. 

JIMIN said, "About seven years ago, we sat on the side of the street and were like, 'It would be so great if we could both become successful and sing together one day.' And those words came true. It's amazing." 

He went on, "Sung Woon always tries out a lot of things, and he isn't afraid to do so. I love seeing him like that. He gives me the energy that helps me to get going." 

To this, Ha Sung Woon shyly smiled and stated, "JIMIN is a good friend who gives me useful advice on my new songs, and comes to see my musical despite his hectic schedule. Thank you, JIMIN." 

At the end of the phone conversation, JIMIN jokingly commented, "Let's not talk to each other in the restroom anymore, okay? I'll guest on 'Kiss the Radio' in the future! Bye!" 
Ha Sung Woon(Credit= 'j.m' '' Instagram)

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