VIDEO: Jay Park Stops His Performance as He Sees Someone Fainting in the Audience

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 25, 2022

VIDEO: Jay Park Stops His Performance as He Sees Someone Fainting in the Audience
Korean-American hip-hop artist Jay Park saw someone fainting in the audience during his performance and stopped the performance right away. 

On July 23, Jay Park performed at a themed music festival 'WATER BOMB 2022' that took place at Daegu Stadium. 

On this day, Jay Park performed 13 different songs, including 'All I Wanna Do', 'My Last', 'GANADARA', 'Solo', 'MOMMAE', 'JOAH' and more.  
Jay ParkAbout halfway through his performance when he was performing 'Solo', he noticed something going on at one area in the audience. 

Jay Park carefully observed the area and said, "Hold up, I think there's something going on there. Some are raising their hands up high.", looking at the security guards around. 

After that, he asked the sound engineers to stop the music, and paid his attention on the scene. 

A little while later, he was informed that someone had fainted in that area, and he passed the message on to the audience. 
Jay ParkThen, Jay Park kept his eyes locked in that area with a worried look on his face and said, "Everyone, if you feel too worn out or thirsty, do tell people around you and ask for some water. Try to take care of each other, okay?" 

He continued, "This sort of things can happen since you all have been here, watching the performance for the whole day. Please do take care of everybody around you." 

Jay Park waited a bit more to make sure everything was sorted out in that area, then asked, "Is everything fine now? Has everything been sorted? Is everyone okay? Would it be alright for me to perform again?" 

As the hip-hop artist heard that everything was okay and everybody was good, he smiled brightly and resumed his performance. 

Following his performance at 'WATER BOMB 2022', Jay Park uploaded a post on his Instagram. 

In his post, he said, "All people at 'WATER BOMB 2022' in Daegu seemed quite exhausted, but thank you for keep going until the end." 

He went on, "By the way, I heard that the person who fainted regained consciousness and is feeling okay now. I'm glad."
Jay Park(Credit= 'syaaa' YouTube, 'moresojuplease' Instagram) 

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