Figure Skater Kim Yuna & Forestella Ko Woorim Announce Their Marriage

By  유지원 에디터  | Jul 25, 2022

Kim Yuna, Ko Woorim
Figure skating Olympic gold medalist Kim Yuna and classical crossover vocal quartet Forestella's member Ko Woorim are getting married.

On July 25, entertainment news outlet THE FACT reported that Kim Yuna and Ko Woorim were spotted dating.

The news outlet claimed that the couple was spotted together while they were investigating rumors that Kim Yuna is planning to get married this October.
Kim Yuna, Ko WoorimShortly after the report, Ko Woorim's management agency BEAT INTERACTIVE confirmed their marriage.

BEAT INTERACTIVE stated, "Ko Woorim and Kim Yuna will hold their wedding ceremony in October. They first met during the celebration performance for 'All That Skating Ice Show' held in 2018, and they've been dating for three years."

The agency added, "The wedding will be held privately with the couple's family members and close acquaintances. We ask for your understanding on not disclosing the specific date and venue of the wedding."

The agency also shared that Ko Woorim will continue to be active as a member of Forestella even after his marriage.
Kim Yuna, Ko WoorimKo Woorim was born in 1995, and is five years younger than Kim Yuna, who was born in 1990. 

The singer made appearance on JTBC's survival audition show 'Phantom Singer Season 2' in 2017, advanced to the finals and took the first place with singers Kang Hyungho, Bae Doohoon and Cho Minkyu.

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