aespa WINTER Photoshops Her Instagram Photos?

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 25, 2022

aespa WINTER Photoshops Her Instagram Photos?
It was discovered that WINTER of K-pop girl group aespa photoshops her photos before they are posted on social media. 

On July 22, WINTER shared photos of herself sitting on the iconic staircase of the K-pop world. 

This particular staircase is where lots of K-pop stars take their photos with stage outfits while they wait for their turn for KBS' music show 'Music Bank' recording. 

WINTER wore a cute and elegant 'Girls' stage outfit, and posed in the middle of the stairs for the photos. 
WINTERShe uploaded a total of four photos taken on the staircase on this day, and fans immediately noticed something odd in them. 

It turned out the stairs around WINTER looked wobbly; they were not in straight lines that they should be. 

It seemed like WINTER accidentally made the stairs look wobbly while she was trying to photoshop her face and body to appear sharper and thinner. 

That is what tends to happen when you try to make yourself look 'slim' by using the 'slim' function without paying attention to how things around you in the photos look on mobile photo editing applications. 
WINTERAfter finding out that WINTER photoshops her photos, fans were really surprised. 

WINTER is already beautiful and skinny, who is known as one of the prettiest out of the fourth generation female K-pop stars.

What came to fans' thought was that although it is her choice, there is no need for her to photoshop herself to make her prettier. 

They left comments such as, "She's already perfect without photoshop though!", "Ah, but she doesn't need photoshop!", "Everyone photoshops their Instagram photos a little. Why can't WINTER?", "Let's just pretend that we didn't find anything odd in the photos.", and so on. 
WINTERMeanwhile, aespa made a comeback with their second mini album 'Girls' on July 8. 

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