"Well, Nobody Else Was..." Jung Jae-hyung Tells Why He Set Lee Sang Soon Up with Lee Hyo-ri

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 25, 2022

"Well, Nobody Else Was..." Jung Jae-hyung Tells Why He Set Lee Sang Soon Up with Lee Hyo-ri
Singer Jung Jae-hyung shared a honest reason why he fixed singer Lee Sang Soon up with K-pop artist Lee Hyo-ri. 

On July 23 episode of MBC's television show 'The Manager', Jung Jae-hyung made a guest appearance. 

On this day, Jung Jae-hyung watched a footage of Lee Sang Soon and Lee Hyo-ri cooking in the kitchen together. 

As Lee Hyo-ri tried to chop vegetables with an injured hand, Lee Sang Soon told her to leave it and he would do it for her. 
Jung Jae-hyungWhile watching this, Jung Jae-hyung said with a smile, "Lee Sang Soon is always the same. He hasn't changed a bit since when he was young. This is why I set him up with Lee Hyo-ri."

The singer continued, "He's good at cooking as well, because he lived away from home in Paris, France and stuff." 

Then, the host Lee Young Ja asked, "You're friends with many female celebrities, aren't you? But why did you choose to set him up with Lee Hyo-ri?" 

Jung Jae-hyung laughed and answered, "Well, it wasn't particularly my choice. I was going to fix him up with other female celebrities, but nobody was interested in that."

He laughingly added, "They were all like, 'No.' Lee Hyo-ri was the only one, who was willing to meet him, so..."

After the hosts listened to his honest response, they burst into laughter and could not stop laughing for ages. 
Jung Jae-hyungThis may be one of the reasons, but Jung Jae-hyung actually revealed the main reason why he wanted Lee Sang Soon and Lee Hyo-ri to work out in the past. 

At that time, Jung Jae Hyung said to Lee Hyo-ri, "When Lee Sang Soon and I were studying in Paris, he used to live in a tiny room where he couldn't even stretch properly when sleeping." 

He resumed, "Despite that, he remained calm at all times., I've always thought highly of him; he is such a great guy. I also thought you two would get along very well. I could just feel that." 
Jung Jae-hyungLee Sang Soon and Lee Hyo-ri got married in September 2013.

(Credit= MBC The Manager, 'sangsoonsangsoon' Instagram, '스튜디오 훜 : STUDIO HOOK' YouTube) 

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