"I Feel like I Always Receive..." SF9 DA WON Gives a Special Gift to Fans on His Birthday

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 26, 2022

"I Feel like I Always Receive..." SF9 DA WON Gives a Special Gift to Fans on His Birthday
DA WON of K-pop boy group SF9 treated his fans to something special on his birthday. 

On July 24, DA WON welcomed his 27th birthday, and DA WON held a surprise event for FANTASY (the name of SF9's fandom) on this day. 

On the group's official social media, a notice was uploaded saying, "Surprise! DA WON has prepared a coffee shop event for FANTASY in celebration of his birthday. If you come to this coffee shop in Apgujeong with a FANTASY membership card or '2022 SF9 LIVE FANTASY #3 IMPERFECT' ticket, you will be given one free drink. Along with the free drink, you will also be given a special gift." 
DA WONAfter the notice was released, DA WON took to the official fan community to add a little more to the notice. 

DA WON said, "Actually, I've prepared the event only three days ago, so it's not fancy or anything. I just wanted you to stop by for a cup of coffee, that's all." 

He continued, "I wanted to make it more memorable for you, but I'm sorry that this is all I could give you now. I've been way too hectic, sorry. I'm part of the K-pop industry all thanks to you, and I wanted to thank you for that. Love you!" 
Although DA WON said he had not prepared much, that was not the case when fans got there. 

There was a huge panel that welcomed FANTASY by saying, "FANTASY, welcome! Thank you for your birthday wishes!" above a photo of DA WON making a heart on his face. 

When fans entered the coffee shop through the door by a large poster of DA WON that said, 'HAPPY DA WON DAY', they saw lots of photos of DA WON on the wall as well. 

They were given a cup of coffee with a photo card; on the back of it, it said, "I love you. I didn't like the fact that I was always receiving from you. Don't cry while drinking your coffee though. Keep yourself healthy at all times, and go back home safely, okay? It's raining, so..."

Not only that, but DA WON also came by the coffee shop in his van to say hi and thank fans who were lining up outside. 
Following the event, DA WON wrote online, "I heard there weren't many cups of coffee left for you, so I purchased more so that more FANTASY could enjoy it." 

He went on, "I'm really overwhelmed right now. Is it really okay for me to receive this much love on my birthday? I'm honestly so happy. Thank you." 

A lot of FANTASY were touched by DA WON's sweet thoughts and move that they thanked DA WON back for his love and the efforts he showed to make FANTASY smile. 
DA WON(Credit= Online Community, 'dawon_1004' 'wulongcha712' 'SF9_FANCLUB' 'donooohn' Twitter) 

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