SEJEONG Says She Once Uploaded an Anonymous Post Saying, "SEJEONG Had No Cosmetic Surgery"

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 26, 2022

SEJEONG Says She Once Uploaded an Anonymous Post Saying, "SEJEONG Had No Cosmetic Surgery"
K-pop artist SEJEONG shared that she uploaded a post online pretending to be her friend who was sure that "SEJEONG had no cosmetic surgery." 

On July 22, a video of comedian Lee Yongjin interviewing SEJEONG was uploaded on one YouTube channel. 

During the interview, Lee Yongjin talked about SEJEONG making an appearance in SBS' survival audition show 'K-pop Star' years ago. 

Lee Yongjin said, "I heard that you got a lot of comments saying that you had double eyelid surgery, and you once tried to clarify that you didn't get the surgery done by uploading an anonymous post. Is that right?"  

SEJEONG burst into laughter and blushed after hearing this, and commented, "I was really young when I joined 'K-pop Star'. But so many people were saying that my double eyelid looked like they were made at a clinic." 

She continued, "But my eyelids were natural! They said they looked puffed up as if it hadn't been long since I got surgery done. They looked swollen, because I still had lots of baby fat on my face. When I read those comments, I really wanted to tell them that they were completely natural." 

She went on, "So, I decided to write a post on one popular online community one day. There, I pretended to be my friend and was like, 'I've known her for a long time, and she's never had cosmetic surgery.'" 
SEJEONGSEJEONGBut SEJEONG said she unfortunately got caught(?) that the friend was a fake friend, not by anybody but her.

SEJEONG shyly laughed and said, "What happened was, some were leaving comments saying that this post was probably a lie. As more people said the same thing, I started to feel scared that they would find out it was me. I ended up replying to a comment that said, 'Isn't this fake?' I was like, 'Yes, it is.'" 

Lee Yongjin laughed hard upon listening to her story and commented, "So, you played all those roles by yourself. That tells me how upset you felt by reading those comments. I mean, you were so young then!"

To this, SEJEONG nodded and also laughed hard, thinking back to those times. 

(Credit= 스튜디오 와플 - STUDIO WAFFLE) 

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