ITZY CHAERYEONG Surprises Lee Young Ji by Telling Her How Little She Eats When She Overeats

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 26, 2022

ITZY CHAERYEONG Surprises Lee Young Ji by Telling Her How Little She Eats When She Overeats
CHAERYEONG of K-pop girl group ITZY surprised rapper Lee Young Ji as she told her how much she eats when she binges on food. 

On July 23, a video of CHAERYEONG was uploaded on one popular YouTube channel. 

In this video, CHAERYEONG was seen having a casual conversation with Lee Young Ji while drinking together. 
CHAERYEONGDuring their conversation, CHAERYEONG shared that she sometimes goes on an eating binge. 

CHAERYEONG said, "At those times, I eat to the point where I can see the shape of my stomach through myself in the mirror. It's been some time I've done that, but..." 

When Lee Young Ji asked how much she ate at times like that, CHAERYEONG answered, "A half of watermelon?" 

In response to this, Lee Young Ji commented, "What? Are you serious? That's a lot?! Get out! Get out! I can't believe this. Are you kidding me right now?" 
CHAERYEONGCHAERYEONG burst out laughing and explained that she can even finish off three packs of chips by herself. 

She added, "You can't eat three packs by yourself, right? You can't! I know it! Can you, Young Ji?" 

Lee Young Ji took her sunglasses off, made a 'what the heck' face and said with her eyes wide open, "What do you mean? I mean, I wish I could stop myself at three packs!" 
CHAERYEONGThen, CHAERYEONG asked, "In that case, have you ever finished eating Pringles by yourself? I have!" 

To this, Lee Young Ji just blinked, without knowing how to respond to it.

A few seconds later, Lee Young Ji said to CHAERYEONG, "Of course! Of course, I have. But do you really find that cool?" 

CHAERYEONG commented, "You know that the whole thing is like over 500 calories?" 

Lee Young Ji answered, "Yes, I do! I know! I keep getting sad as I speak to you, because the amount you consider 'binge-eating', is like how much I eat all the time.", making CHAERYEONG and the production team laugh. 

(Credit= '차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만' YouTube) 

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