SEJEONG Names TWICE JIHYO & ASTRO Cha Eun-woo as Her Celebrity Best Friends

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 27, 2022

SEJEONG Names TWICE JIHYO & ASTRO Cha Eun-woo as Her Celebrity Best Friends
K-pop artist SEJEONG shared who her celebrity best friends are. 

On July 26 episode of SBS' television show 'Four Men', SEJEONG made a guest appearance. 

While speaking with the hosts, SEJEONG shared that she is actually an introverted person, although she may seem outgoing. 

SEJEONG said, "I'm not very good at speaking with people I don't know well. I'm pretty outgoing, but I do find that quite difficult. There are actually five different levels to my social network." 

She continued, "People in level 1 are ones who I feel really close and comfortable. If I'm close to them but not super close, I will categorize them into level 2, and..." 

She carried on, "Level 3 are people I just know. If I don't personally know them, but know their names and have spoken to them, they will be on level 4. Lastly, level 5 are those I only met that I don't know anything about them." 

When the hosts asked which level they were on, SEJEONG answered, "We've said hello and are currently filming together, so... Level 4. But I feel closer to Lee Sang Min, because we've filmed many shows together before. So, he's on level 3." 
SEJEONGSEJEONGThen, SEJEONG revealed that the members of her past groups gugudan and I.O.I are on level 2. 

As for level 1, SEJEONG said that JIHYO and Cha Eun-woo are on that level, explaining that they are her really close friends.

SEJEONG also shared that she generally feels awkward with friends or acquaintances if she had not seen them for about three months due to her shy personality. 

She laughingly stated, "I have to become close to them again if I hadn't seen them for like three months." 
SEJEONGSEJEONG(Credit= 'clean_0828' Instagram, SBS Four Men) 

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