VIDEO: Kim Tae Ri Describes Ryu Jun Yeol·Kim Woo Bin·So Jisub with Emojis

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 27, 2022

VIDEO: Kim Tae Ri Describes Ryu Jun Yeol·Kim Woo Bin·So Jisub with Emojis
Actress Kim Tae Ri described what actors Ryu Jun Yeol, Kim Woo Bin and So Jisub are like with emojis.

Recently, fashion magazine ELLE KOREA shared a video of Kim Tae Ri online. 

In this video, Kim Tae Ri answered questions using different emojis. 

When asked if she could choose emojis that show the atmosphere of her shooting today, Kim Tae Ri raised a mirror ball emoji, stating that the shooting began with her singing. 

The actress said, "I like to sing on site. Many tried to stop me a lot of times today as well, but I just kept singing anyway." 

Then, she picked up the 'wine' and 'melting face' emojis and commented, "I'm quite an energetic person, but I do feel worn out after concentrating on something for hours. That's why I'm melting here. I also just really enjoy drinking these days, so..." 
Kim Tae RiAfterwards, Kim Tae Ri was asked if she could express the co-stars of her recently-premiered movie 'Alienoid' with emojis. 

First, Kim Tae Ri chose the 'baby face' emoji for Ryu Jun Yeol and laughed. 

She laughingly explained, "If Ryu Jun Yeol saw me holding this, he would laugh so much and be like, 'What? That's me?', but I'm sure he would totally get why I chose this emoji." 

She continued, "I'm always humoring and comforting him. His character in the movie is like himself too. He's pure and cute like a baby." 
Kim Tae RiAs for Kim Woo Bin, Kim Tae Ri picked a sunglasses smiley face and said, "This is so Kim Woo Bin!" 

She pointed out that Kim Woo Bin has the kind of physique that makes her go, "Whoa" and that is the reason why she went for this particular emoji. 

Then, she burst out laughing as she compared the emojis that she chose for Ryu Jun Yeol and Kim Woo Bin, saying how contrasting they were. 
Kim Tae RiFollowing that, Kim Tae Ri selected the 'folded hands' emoji for actor So Jisub. 

The actress said, "I never actually got to film with So Jisub for our film; I only saw him filming when I went to visit the site on my day-offs. Every time I went there, So Jisub was like, 'Thank you, thank you.' with his hands like that. Hence, the emoji. I hope we would get to film together the next time though." 

Directed by director Choi Dong-hoon, who previously made a great number of mega-hit movies including 'The Big Swindle' (2004), 'The Wall of Flower' (2006), 'The Thieves' (2012), 'Assassination' (2015) and more, 'Alienoid' is his latest Sci-Fi action movie that was released on July 20. 

(Credit= '엘르 코리아_ELLE KOREA' YouTube) 

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