'Woo Young-woo' Park Eun Bin Appears on TV Show with a Flawless Look in High School

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 27, 2022

'Woo Young-woo' Park Eun Bin Appears on TV Show with a Flawless Look in High School
Everybody is non-stop talking about actress Park Eun Bin's television appearance that she made back when she was in high school. 

Recently, Park Eun Bin has been the talk of the Internet as her current series 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' gained lots of popularity. 

'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' tells the story of 'Woo Young-woo' (Park Eun Bin), an autistic lawyer, working at a large law firm. 

She has an IQ of 164, outstanding memory and a creative way of thinking, however, she has low emotional intelligence and poor social skills.

Her perfect acting skills as well as the great storyline in the series have been much spoke-about since the very first episode of the series. 
Park Eun BinPark Eun BinIn light of the success of the series, her past photos and videos attracted the attention of many. 

They managed to dig up one of the episodes of SBS' television show 'Unanswered Questions' that Park Eun Bin appeared. 

It was filmed in a high school that Park Eun Bin attended, and she had a brief interview in her classroom, wearing a uniform. 

This was when she was in her freshman year of high school―17 in Korean age. 
Park Eun BinFor most people, photos and videos from those times in high school are considered something they never want to look at again, because they do not look so good in them. 

But it seemed like Park Eun Bin would be completely okay looking back at them, as she was perfect in every way even then. 

She had the same puppy-like eyes, cute nose and charming smile that she has now. 

Park Eun Bin actually made debut a child actress when she was four; she has been in the industry for over 27 years.

It looks like there was never a time in her life when she was not pretty, and many are wowing at this incredible fact. 
Park Eun Bin(Credit= Netflix Korea, SBS Unanswered Questions, Online Community) 

(SBS Star)