HOSHI States He Hopes Nothing but to Make His Fans Proud for Being SEVENTEEN's Fans

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 27, 2022

HOSHI States He Hopes Nothing but to Make His Fans Proud for Being SEVENTEEN's Fans
HOSHI of K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN told what it is like being a member of SEVENTEEN during his recent interview. 

A short while ago, HOSHI sat down for an interview with one fashion magazine. 

During the interview, HOSHI was asked about how he felt to be releasing 'Face the Sun' following the successful contract renewal between all 13 members and the agency. 

HOSHI answered, "I felt so grateful and happy that all 13 of us renewed our contract with our agency. We've always been like, 'Let's keep going together as SEVENTEEN' and spoke with each other a lot about our future hand in hand. It definitely felt awkward when it came to talking to them about serious business stuff, but by facing that and talking about those things in details pushed us closer and become maturer."

The SEVENTEEN's performance team leader went on, "I was really touched when we dropped 'Face the Sun'. Around this time, I realized that we shouldn't take each other for granted, but we should really be looking after one another better." 
HOSHIThen, the interviewer mentioned 2,060,000 copies of SEVENTEEN's fourth studio album 'Face the Sun' being sold in the first week of the release, and asked whether he expected SEVENTEEN to become this successful when he made debut.

HOSHI shyly smiled and answered, "No, I certainly didn't expect it, but I did dream about it happening. I still dream for our future, you know. I don't know how much more we would go up, but I don't want to settle for the present and just be satisfied with the result we have right now." 
HOSHIHe continued, "I want our fans to feel proud that they're our fans. It's important that the members of SEVENTEEN and I to keep working hard for better results, and continue sticking together, but I believe that's not the most important part here. I think it's crucial that our attitude doesn't change." 

He explained what he meant by that, "Our fans give us love and support without expecting anything in return. That's special, and their unconditional love and support gets me thinking what I could give them in return. I came to the conclusion that the best thing to do is to do my best at all times, and keep shining as their proud K-pop star." 

He added, "I also want to make sure to maintain my mental as well as physical health well so that I can always show them a great performance. I hope to make them feel proud of us." 
HOSHI(Credit= 'seventeennews' Facebook) 

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