"I'm Not Joking..." Kim Jong-kook Shares How Popular He Is Among Homosexuals

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 28, 2022

"I'm Not Joking..." Kim Jong-kook Shares How Popular He Is Among Homosexuals
Singer Kim Jong-kook shared that he is popular among homosexuals. 

On July 27 episode of KBS' television show 'Problem Child in House', entertainer Hong Seok-chun made a guest appearance. 

During the talk, Hong Seok-chun, who is the very first homosexual to come out on air in Korea, revealed that Kim Jong-kook is his type. 

He said, "I like guys who have a pretty face with a muscular body. I didn't really use to look at a guy's body in the past, but as I got older, I started liking guys like Jong-kook. He's exactly the type of guy I like nowadays."

To this, Kim Jong-kook laughed and responded, "Things have changed in our society now, hasn't it? So, I feel completely okay to hear something like this from Hong Seok-chun and all others like him. I'm all cool with it." 
Kim Jong-kookKim Jong-kookThen, Hong Seok-chun said, "Jong-kook often visits the States for work as well as travel, and he sometimes comes to see me at my restaurant after his return. Not too long ago, I said to him then, 'Aren't you popular in the States among my kind of people? You're so the type Americans would like.', because I could just feel that." 

He continued, "Can you guys guess what he said? Jong-kook was like, 'Ah yes, when I was sunbathing at the hotel pool, a lot of them would check me out and stare at me. It was hard to relax.'", then laughed. 

Kim Jong-kook added a little more to Hong Seok-chun's story by stating, "That's true. They hit on me at the gym as well."   

He went on, "At the gym, they say things like, 'Let's work out together.', and ask me lots of questions about working out in order to get my attention. I'm not joking." 

Hong Seok-chun nodded and commented, "Exactly. He's honestly the type that anybody who likes guys would go for." 
Kim Jong-kook(Credit= KBS Problem Child in House) 

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