Supreme Court Upholds Hahn Seohee's 1.5-year Prison Term

By  유지원 에디터  | Jul 28, 2022

Hahn Seohee
The Supreme Court upheld the district court's initial ruling for former K-pop trainee Hahn Seohee's illegal drug offense.

On July 28, the Supreme Court stated, "the defendant refuses to reflect on her illicit actions, and continues to make incomprehensible claims," and confirmed her one and a half years of prison sentence.

Previously in June 2020, Hahn Seohee was indicted for suspected use of illicit drug while she was still on probation for illigal drug use from 2016.

For the previous case, Hahn Seohee received four years of probation in 2017.
Hahn SeoheeThen in November 2021, the Suwon District Court sentenced Hahn Seohee a year and six months in prison for her second drug offense.

At the time, Hahn Seohee denied her charges and chose to appeal the sentence.

Hahn Seohee is the informant who first brought up K-pop boy group BIGBANG's member T.O.P as well as another boy group iKON's former member B.I's drug suspicions to the police.
Hahn Seohee
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