"Sunbaenim? Noona?" This is How BTS J-HOPE Addresses IU

By  유지원 에디터  | Jul 29, 2022

J-HOPE of K-pop boy group BTS became all cute and shy when trying to decide how to address singer IU between 'sunbaenim' or 'noona'.

On the July 28 episode of IU's YouTube music talk show 'IU's Palette', J-HOPE made a surprise guest appearance.
IU, J-HOPEDuring the show, J-HOPE shared that he tends to get nervous when he is around people he does not know well.

He said, "I definitely feel more nervous before meeting a new person. After actually meeting them, I'm pretty good."
IU, J-HOPEThen IU pointed out that J-HOPE, a 1994-born, is a year younger than her.

Hearing IU, J-HOPE revealed that he had worries about which term he should use when addressing IU―a 'noona' or 'sunbaenim'.
IU, J-HOPEIU, J-HOPE'Noona' is a term for a male to address a close female who is older than him, and 'sunbaenim' is a term for addressing a senior artist who debuted before him.

IU explained J-HOPE that he could call her in any term that he feels comfortable with, and J-HOPE decided to address IU as 'IU noona'.

Since 'noona' is a casual and more friendly term than 'sunbaenim', fans adored how the two introverts slowly started to feel less shy around each other.

You can watch the full episode with English subtitles below:

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