BTS JIN Loves Adding Cute Key Rings to His Bags??

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 29, 2022

BTS JIN Loves Adding Cute Key Rings to His Bags??
It has been discovered that JIN of K-pop boy group BTS loves to add cute key rings to his bags. 

Last week, JIN attended the VIP premiere of an upcoming movie 'Emergency Declaration'. 

On this day, JIN wore a shirt and cardigan, matched them with a green/blue gradation bag that he tends to enjoy carrying around these days. 

Fans noticed there was something on the bag, and that was a pink key ring in a shape of a plastic cup with a straw. 

Inside this cup, there was 'pinkbean', which is a character from a game 'Maple Story' that JIN is into. 
JINOn another bag that he often carries around, there was 'RJ'―a character that he created in collaboration with KakaoTalk as part of BTS' official merchandise―key ring as well. 

Ever since he made debut, the K-pop star has shown great love for cute characters. 

He was frequently spotted with character key rings on the bags and backpacks that he carried. 
JINJINAbout eight years ago, JIN once revealed photos of his bedroom at his family home, and it was filled with 'Super Mario' characters; he was a big fan of 'Super Mario'. 

It seemed like JIN truly loves and adores little and cute things, and this fact is making all fans go, "Awww!"  
JIN(Credit= 'jin' Instagram, Online Community, Big Hit Music) 

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