Ok Ja-yeon Shares She Could Not Focus on Her Acting Because Yoona Was Too Pretty

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 29, 2022

Ok Ja-yeon Shares She Could Not Focus on Her Acting Because Yoona Was Too Pretty
Actress Ok Ja-yeon shared that she could not concentrate while she acted with Yoona of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation, because she was too pretty. 

On July 29, a press conference for an upcoming drama 'Big Mouth' took place online. 

On this day, the main cast―Yoona, Lee Jong Suk, Ok Ja-yeon, Yang Kyung Won and Kim Ju Hun―and director Oh Chung-hwan joined the event. 
Ok Ja-yeonDuring the press conference, Ok Ja-yeon talked about meeting the cast, particularly Yoona, for the first time. 

Ok Ja-yeon said, "I saw Yoona for the very first time at the read-through. When I saw her, I immediately thought to myself, 'How am I going to act with such a beautiful person like her?'" 

She continued, "I just couldn't focus on my acting properly, as I was too busy studying her pretty face. But what surprised me was that Yoona perfectly acted her character on site. She pulled off 'Mi-ho' so well." 
Ok Ja-yeonThen, Yan Kyung Won commented, "Ah yes, I agree with you. Yoona puts her whole heart into acting; it seemed like she is serious about it." 

He resumed, "I've actually met Yoona before, and you know how she is busy being in all areas in this industry, right? Even though I met Yoona, the actress, for the first time, I could see that she was real about acting too." 

He carried on, "She is trying to find ways to do things better at all times, and is also filled with good ambition. It makes me wonder, 'How far is she going to go?' She always gives us good energy, so I felt grateful to be working with her in this project." 
Yang Kyung WonIn 'Big Mouth', Yoona plays the role of a character named 'Ko Mi-ho', a nurse with a bold personality as well as outstanding beauty. 

She is a supportive wife of 'Park Chang-ho' as well. 

'Park Chang-ho', acted by Lee Jong Suk, is a third-rate lawyer with a 10 percent success rate named 'Park Chang-ho'. 

He is called a 'big mouth' by his legal acquaintances due to his tendency to speak before acting. 

His life is suddenly in danger when he is mistaken for a genius conman known as 'big mouse'. 

The first episode of 'Big Mouth' is scheduled to be unveiled on July 29. 

(Credit= SM Entertainment, Chungchun Entertainment, HiSTORY, MBC Big Mouth) 

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