"I Can't Be Bothered to..." DARA Tells Why She Finds It So Hard to Gain Weight

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 29, 2022

"I Can't Be Bothered to..." DARA Tells Why She Finds It So Hard to Gain Weight
K-pop artist DARA shared why she finds it so difficult to gain weight. 

On July 28, a video of entertainers Song Eun-yi and Kim Sook's video was uploaded. 

In this video, they called DARA to ask if there was any way to eat a small amount like her, because they felt like they were gaining more weight as they got older but eating more. 

Upon listening to their worries, DARA said, "I went from 37kg to 47kg after being on the show with Kim Sook, and her directing me to eat more. I'm back to 37kg now that I'm no longer doing a show with her." 

She continued, "But the thing is, I don't ever want to go back to that time when I was 47kg again. I realized that 47kg was too much for my body." 
Kim SookLooking baffled, Song Eun-yi and Kim Sook commented, "Yeah... We don't get it at all, DARA. How did you lose 10kg so quickly anyway? Did you go on a diet or something?" 
DARA answered, "Well, no. I was just too stressed out with everything that I lost my appetite. I also started living alone recently, and that probably played a big part. I became lonely and missed home food that I didn't really feel like eating anything. Sometimes, I would eat a single banana for the whole day." 

She went on, "There are also days that I don't eat all day. I can't be bothered to eat, you know. So, I would just sleep after watching television. When I feel down, I don't feel hungry as well. I pretty much only feel hungry when I'm in a good mood." 
Kim SookThen, DARA revealed that she has never had a great appetite ever since the young age. 

DARA stated, "My mom wasn't fond of the fact that I would choose to have a yogurt drink over a proper meal. It's likely that I'm short due to those reasons. I even ate one pack of a noodle snack for days." 

She resumed, "A lot of people ask me what my ways of eating less food are, thinking that I have some sort of secret to that, but it's simply that I'm born with it. It's even worse when I get seriously hurt. I lost so much weight when I got dumped before. I almost didn't eat anything for like a month then."

In response to her last remark, Song Eun-yi and Kim Sook laughingly said, "Ah, okay. We guess the biggest issue is that we weren't born with it. We never stop eating even when we get dumped!" 

(Credit= 'daraxxi' Instagram, '김숙 티비' 'VIVO TV - 비보티비' YouTube) 

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