Kang Tae-oh Tells How Nervous He Felt on the Day He Had to Kiss Park Eun Bin

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 29, 2022

Kang Tae-oh Tells How Nervous He Felt on the Day He Had to Kiss Park Eun Bin
Actor Kang Tae-oh shared how nervous he felt on the day he had to film a kissing scene with actress Park Eun Bin. 

On July 29, Kang Tae-oh guested on MBC FM4U's radio show 'Music Party'. 

Recently, Kang Tae-oh has been attracting the attention of many with his current series 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo'. 

'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' centers around a character named 'Woo Young-woo' (Park Eun Bin), an autistic lawyer working at a large law firm. 

She has an IQ of 164, outstanding memory and a creative way of thinking, however, she has low emotional intelligence and poor social skills.

Kang Tae-oh plays the role of 'Lee Jun-ho', who works at the same law firm as her and slowly develops feelings for pure-hearted 'Woo Young-woo'. 

It is one of the most talked-about series among Koreans of all ages these days. 
Kang Tae-ohRegarding his appearance in 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo', Kang Tae-oh said at 'Music Party', "I only realize how popular the series was when a lot of my friends and family members started making comments to me about it. Since then, I could feel how much the viewers love the series and I felt grateful for that." 

He continued, "I'm actually bad at speed reading, but when I received the script for 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo', I just read and read, so fast as well. I felt like those lines melted in my mouth as if I was having an amazing meal. I felt really warm when I read the script. So, I said I wanted to be part of it whether my role was going to be big or not." 
Kang Tae-ohThen, the host Kim Shin-young mentioned his kissing scene with Park Eun Bin that recently aired. 

Kang Tae-oh shyly chuckled and stated, "We had to film that scene in the hallway of an apartment building late at night, so we had to be super quiet; we had to be careful with our every move. On top of that, I had a kissing scene coming up, which makes everything worse. I couldn't be more nervous." 

He laughingly resumed, "I don't know why, but I found myself talking sweetly to Eun Bin on that day; I think the fact that we were about to film a kissing scene together played a big part in it." 

He added, "While Eun Bin acted in our kissing scene, she filled the atmosphere with romantic vibes all around. The kissing scene turned out to be great thanks to Eun Bin." 
Kang Tae-oh(Credit= ENA Extraordinary Attorney Woo, MBC FM4U Music Party) 

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