"Ji-hyo & Jong-kook Aren't Together Too!" Jeon So Min Says She Is Not Dating Yang Se Chan

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 1, 2022

"Ji-hyo & Jong-kook Aren't Together Too!" Jeon So Min Says She Is Not Dating Yang Se Chan
Actress Jeon So Min made it clear that she is not dating entertainer Yang Se Chan. 

On July 31 episode of SBS' television show 'Running Man', the members were seen taking part in the 'Running Man' race. 

As soon as the race began, Jeon So Min was caught by Yu Jae Seok, and she instantly became 'out' from the race. 

In this race, the rule was to help the catcher after being caught, so Jeon So Min had to go along with Yu Jae Seok from then. 
Running ManWhile Yu Jae Seok was busy looking for Ji Suk-jin's name tag in a coffee shop, Jeon So Min waited outside for him. 

Since many people flocked around the coffee shop, Jeon So Min asked them if they had seen the members of 'Running Man' around the area. 

She asked them to tell her where they were, but they refused to tell her about it by saying, "We're not going to tell you even if we know where they are!" 
Running ManThen, Jeon So Min suddenly introduced herself to the crowd and started telling them about her latest drama 'Cleaning Up'. 

She added, "'Running Man' is aired at 5PM every Sunday, so please watch that as well. It's a really entertaining show."

In response to this, one person excitedly told her, "I watch 'Running Man' all the time!" 
Running ManJeon So Min responded, "Oh really? By the way, Se Chan and I are not together. We're just playing around, but it seems like a lot of people think we're actually in a relationship. That's not true at all!" 

She continued, "Also, Ji-hyo and Jong-kook aren't dating each other! They're nothing more than friends." 

When 'Running Man' staff asked what she was doing, Jeon So Min laughed and stated, "It's good to let them know what's true, you know. I just wanted to clarify a few things to them about us."
Running Man(Credit= SBS Running Man) 

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