Jin-woo Goes Back to the Scene of a Fire to Save Na-eun Even Though He Feels Scared

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 1, 2022

Jin-woo Goes Back to the Scene of a Fire to Save Na-eun Even Though He Feels Scared
Jin-woo, the youngest child of professional soccer player Park Joo-ho, went back to a dangerous site to save his sister even though he felt scared.

On July 29 episode of KBS' television show 'The Return of Superman', the three children of Park Joo-ho―Na-eun, Geon-hoo and Jin-woo visited a place where they could get different career experience with Yuk Joong-wan of indie band 6band. 
The Return of SupermanThere, they took part in a fire drill at an indoor area that replicated the scene of the fire. 

As red lights and smog blocked their sight, they all struggled to get out. 

With the help of Yook Joong-wan, Jin-woo got out of the fire site first; he immediately went back in there to help Na-eun and Geon-hoo. 

Then, Geon-hoo cleverly found his way out by himself. 
The Return of SupermanAs Jin-woo saw Geon-hoo and no Na-eun and Yook Joong-wan, he panicked and cried out, "Noona! Uncle!", looking at the exit. 

Right then, he heard Na-eun saying, "Help!", which made him gasp and go, "No!" and anxiously jump up and down. 

A little while later, he decided to save Na-eun from the fire and ran back into the scene. 
The Return of SupermanAfter entering the scene, he called, "Noona! Uncle!", and managed to meet Na-eun and Yuk Joong-wan, as Na-eun responded to him right away. 

As soon as Jin-woo met them, he teared up, because he felt scared to be in the scene again. 

When they got out the exit, Jin-woo burst out crying and Na-eun gave him a hug, saying "I'm alright. It's okay. Thank you for saving me." 
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