Former LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam Reportedly Getting Bullied After Returning to School

By  유지원 에디터  | Aug 1, 2022

Kim Garam
K-pop girl group LE SSERAFIM's former member Kim Garam is reportedly getting bullied after she went back to school.

On July 20, LE SSERAFIM's management agency SOURCE MUSIC/HYBE announced that the agency has decided to terminate their exclusive contract with Kim Garam.
Kim GaramEven before her debut in May of this year, Kim Garam swept up in school bullying controversy.

Her agency initially denied all the allegations made against her, saying that they will take strong legal actions to those who make and spread rumors regarding her past.
Kim GaramThen on August 1, an alleged photo of Kim Garam's desk at her high school began to circulate online.

With her name 'Kim Garam' labeled on the top right corner, Kim Garam's desk is filled with all sorts of slur and swear.

While it is unclear whether the desk in the photo actually belongs to former LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam, people commented that although she used to be a bully, it is not right to bully her back.
Kim GaramAfter Kim Garam's official departure from the group, LE SSERAFIM will continue promoting as a five-member group.

(Credit= Online Community, SOURCE MUSIC)

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