Red Velvet IRENE Faces Another 'Power Abuse' Controversy

By  유지원 에디터  | Aug 1, 2022

IRENE of K-pop girl group Red Velvet has sparked another controversy of allegedly "mistreating" her staff.

On July 29, a post titled, 'This is how IRENE goes on a vacation with her close staff' went viral online.
IRENEThe uploader said, "IRENE recently filmed a travel reality show, going on a vacation with her close staff, in order to show her comfortable and unpretentious side. However, the photos taken at the actual vacation are a little strange."

The photo attached in the post was of IRENE and her staff members spotted at the airport of Bali, Indonesia.
IRENEIn the photo, IRENE was seen in comfortable clothes with a small bag on her shoulder, while her staff members were seen dragging an airport cart full of luggage.

The uploader emphasized, "The photo was taken in Bali on May 23. A staff member carried all of her luggage, and they say that IRENE went on a vacation with close friends. Who asks a close friend to carry all the luggage? It's unbelievable."
IRENEWhile it is hard to judge whether the Red Velvet member was 'power abusing' over her staff member with just one photo, IRENE's image was already tainted enough for the public to give a sour reaction towards her.

Back in 2020, IRENE was embroiled in another power abuse controversy after a stylist exposed her rude behavior towards staff members.

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At the time, both IRENE and her management agency SM Entertainment shared their words of apology, and IRENE has zero individual activities other than Red Velvet promotions ever since.
IRENEMeanwhile, IRENE's travel reality show 'IRENE's Work & Holiday' is scheduled to premiere on August 4.

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