VIDEO: Kim Woo Bin Turns Cold When Emphasizing He Is "Sunbae" to Ryu Jun Yeol

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 2, 2022

VIDEO: Kim Woo Bin Turns Cold When Emphasizing He Is "Sunbae" to Ryu Jun Yeol
Actor Kim Woo Bin coldly emphasized that he is "sunbae" to actor Ryu Jun Yeol. 

On July 29, one fashion magazine shared a video of Kim Woo Bin, Ryu Jun Yeol and actress Kim Tae Ri having a conversation together. 

Their conversation was based on random questions that were asked by fans in advance. 

One of the questions was, "What do you think the other two saved you on the phone as? Can you guess?" 
Kim Woo BinRight after reading this question out aloud, Ryu Jun Yeol answered, "I think I know exactly how you two saved me as on your phone." 

He looked towards Kim Woo Bin and said, "You probably saved me as, 'Ryu Jun Yeol hyung'. I don't think you would have saved me as 'sunbae'." 

With a straight face, Kim Woo Bin gently commented, "Of course I didn't save you as 'sunbae'. I'm your 'sunbae'.", emphasizing that he entered the industry before Ryu Jun Yeol. 

Ryu Jun Yeol laughed and responded, "Hey, you were so cold for a bit right then.", which made Kim Woo Bin laugh too. 
Kim Woo BinKim Woo BinAs Kim Tae Ri also laughed to his response, Ryu Jun Yeol said to Kim Tae Ri, "Why are you laughing. You are my 'hoobae'." 

Kim Tae Ri stared at Ryu Jun Yeol, "You made debut only a few months before me. Are you really that sort of person who care over that? Is your mind that narrow?"

Intimidated by Kim Tae Ri's strong gaze, Ryu Jun Yeol chuckled and said, "No, I'm not." 

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