WINNER Get Angry at YOON for Asking Them, "Isn't It Possible to Give Your Sister a Kiss?"

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 2, 2022

WINNER Get Angry at YOON for Asking Them, "Isn't It Possible to Give Your Sister a Kiss?"
The members of K-pop boy group WINNER became furious at their fellow member YOON for asking them if they could kiss their sisters. 

On August 2, MBC revealed a short footage from an upcoming episode of its television show 'DNA Mate' online. 

The footage showed JINU's younger sister Jin-hee visiting JINU and the three members of WINNER―YOON, MINO and HOONY in their waiting room for a recording. 
WINNERAs YOON noticed Jin-hee and JINU not saying hi to each other after she came, YOON asked, "Did you two say hi? Why don't you say hi to one another?" 

JINU answered, "Well, we did. We looked at each other earlier. That was us saying hi." 

With a confused look, YOON responded, "But isn't it your first time seeing each other today? Is not saying hi normal between a brother and a sister?" 

HOONY laughingly said, "Ah, YOON, you must not know, because you're the only child, but this is how it usually works." 
WINNERYOON said, "Yeah, I mean, since I'm the only child, I've always had this fantasy about having a sibling. I imagined me and my sibling hugging one another when we meet and stuff." 

He continued, "Then, can you guys give me your answer to this? I really want to know. Is it possible for you guys to hug or kiss your sisters?"; MINO has a younger sister, HOONY has two older sisters and JINU has one older sister and one younger sister. 

As soon as MINO heard him, he frowned hard and responded, "Where are those kinds of people in this world? Have you eaten something weird today or what?"
WINNERYOON laughed out loud and asked, "Okay, in that case, can you rub your cheek against your sister's?" 

Once again, MINO immediately replied, "Oh, no. Why would you do such things with a sister?!", fuming at his 'ridiculous' question and the thought. 

JINU also pulled an annoyed face and reacted, "Are you kidding?" 

When YOON specifically asked HOONY for his answer, he stated, "Why would I rub my cheek against a mother? She's a mom. I also shouldn't do things like that with my mother's daughter. It's just a no.", making everybody laugh. 
WINNER(Credit= 'MBCentertainment' YouTube) 

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