NCT DOYOUNG Has the Exact Mindset that Fans Wish All K-pop Stars Had?

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 2, 2022

NCT DOYOUNG Has the Exact Mindset that Fans Wish All K-pop Stars Had?
DOYOUNG of K-pop boy group NCT showed the world that he has the mindset of a K-pop star that a lot of fans might be looking for. 

On July 31 episode of SBS' television show 'Master in the House', the members met three eminent lawyers in Korea. 

While on the topic of an emotional affair, where the partner of marriage constantly exchanges messages with heart emojis to another person, one of the lawyers asked DOYOUNG about receiving hearts from fans.

DOYOUNG answered, "Yes, I often get heart emojis from fans, but I also send them heart emojis a lot." 
DOYOUNGThe lawyer responded, "Okay, what if your girlfriend saw you and your fans doing that, and told you not to use heart emojis anymore? What will you do?" 

DOYOUNG stuttered at an unexpected question, then said, "Girl... Girlfriend...? I don't have a girlfriend." 

To this, the lawyer commented, "What if you have a girlfriend? Just say that you do. What will you do?"

DOYOUNG waved his hand in denial and firmly stated, "No, no. I simply don't have a girlfriend, and will never have a girlfriend, no matter what." 
DOYOUNGHis response made everyone laugh, and Lee Seung Gi went, "That's the life of a K-pop star, isn't it?"

Upon hearing this, DOYOUNG went red up to his ears and burst into laughter. 

It seemed like DOYOUNG always wants to keep his relationship a secret from his fans in order to prevent them from being hurt. 
Master in the HouseFollowing the broadcast of this episode, DOYOUNG came online on NCT's official fan messenger and spent some time with fans. 

During the conversation with fans, DOYOUNG said, "I'm going to send you a heart." 

Then, he sent different colors and designs of heart emojis to fans. 
DOYOUNG(Credit= SBS Master in the House, Online Community) 

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