"They Ruined It" Director of 'Anna' to File a Lawsuit Against Coupang Play

By  유지원 에디터  | Aug 3, 2022

Coupang Play Anna
Lee Joo-young, director of Coupang Play's original series 'Anna' starring singer/actress Suzy, made a statement claiming that the streaming service made major edits to the series without the director's consent.

On August 2, the legal representative of Lee Joo-young released a statement on behalf of the 'Anna' director.

Through the statement, Lee Joo-young claimed, "Coupang Play excluded me and unilaterally edited 'Anna', and released it to the public. 'Anna' was supposed to be a series with 8 episodes, but Coupang Play made it into a 6-episode drama. As a result, the structure and order of the scenes, the show's narrative and intention were all ruined."
Coupang Play AnnaThe director also shared that she requested Coupang Play to take her name out of the credits section as the director and writer of 'Anna', but Coupang Play ignored her request.

Furthermore, director Lee Joo-young requested Coupang Play to △release a public apology to her and the staff of 'Anna', △delete her name from the 6-episode version, △release the original 8-episode version that she has sent them.

Calling Coupang Play's such action "unprecedented in the industry," the director firmly added, "If Coupang Play continues to ignore my requests, I will take legal action."
Coupang Play AnnaCoupang Play is a subscription-based OTT service launched by e-commerce giant Coupang in December 2020.

'Anna' streamed exclusively on the streaming service, and it follows the story of a woman named 'Lee Yu-mi' (Suzy), who ditches her true identity and lives as someone else named 'Lee Anna'.

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