Yubin Says She Thought About Marrying Her 6-year Ex-boyfriend

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 4, 2022

Yubin Says She Thought About Marrying Her 6-year Ex-boyfriend
Yubin of disbanded K-pop girl group Wonder Girls shared that she thought about marrying one of her ex-boyfriends. 

On August 3, the first episode of SBS' new television show 'Direct Love' was aired. 

In this episode, the female members spoke about their past relationships as well as hope to meet someone to date seriously. 
YubinWhile talking together, Choi Yeo-jin asked Yubin, "You really don't have a boyfriend, Yubin?" 

Yubin answered, "No, I honestly don't. Since I'm always busy with work and I live around work, it's hard to put time and effort into my dating life, even if I start one." 

Then, Choi Yeo-jin asked whether she generally dated someone for long when she was in a relationship in the past.

Yubin responded, "Yeah, I do. I date them for at least two years, usually." 

Upon hearing her answer, Song Hae Na asked, "How long was the longest relationship you've ever been in?" 

Yubin commented, "I was in a relationship with this one guy for about six years. I even thought about marrying him. I was serious with him.", making them surprised. 
YubinDuring the interview with the production team later on, Yubin said, "My parents keep asking me when I'm going to get married." 

She continued, "They are constantly like, 'When are you going to get married? Everyone around you are getting married. You should get married too! We want grandchildren." 

She went on, "It's true. A lot of people around me have gotten married. Hyelim got married, and she has a son now, you know. I want to meet someone who is fun when we are together and someone with a similar taste as myself." 
YubinYubin made debut as a member of Wonder Girls in 2007; she is currently active as a soloist. 

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