aespa WINTER Spotted at a Theme Park in Seoul

By  유지원 에디터  | Aug 4, 2022

aespa WINTER
WINTER of K-pop girl group aespa was spotted enjoying her day off with her friends at a theme park.

On August 3, a post titled, 'WINTER was spotted at Lotte World on August 1' was shared online.

Lotte World is the only theme park located in the South Korean capital, Seoul.
aespa WINTERAccording to the fan who shared the post, WINTER was spotted in a queue waiting for a roller coaster ride, with her non-celebrity friend.

Despite the fact that Lotte World offers a fast pass for an extra fee, WINTER and her friend queued for the rides just like regular teenage girls would do.

The fan also shared that after getting off the ride, WINTER expressed her disappointment that she stood in line for over three hours for the ride to end like that.
aespa WINTERThe fan typed a note on her phone, saying, "Is it really you, Minjeong (WINTER's real name) unnie? If yes, I'm a total fan of you."

With a bright smile on her face, WINTER confirmed it was her and left her autograph on the fans' phone.
aespa WINTERMeanwhile, WINTER recently wrapped up the promotional activities of aespa's second mini album 'Girls' released on July 8.

(Credit= Online Community, SM Entertainment)

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