The Shape of MINGYU's Finger Changed Because of SEVENTEEN's Matching Team Ring?

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 4, 2022

The Shape of MINGYU's Finger Changed Because of SEVENTEEN's Matching Team Ring?
MINGYU of K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN shared the shape of his finger changed because of SEVENTEEN's matching team ring.

Recently, one video was uploaded on SEVENTEEN's official YouTube channel, which showed MINGYU taking part in a photo shoot. 

During the break from the photo shoot, MINGYU looked at the camera and said, "You've never seen my pinky without our matching team ring, right?" 

The ring that MINGYU mentioned was the matching ring that the members of SEVENTEEN get customized for themselves, which symbolizes the team. 

Every time their new studio album comes out, they change to a new matching customized ring; this tradition went on from the moment when SEVENTEEN made debut in May 2015. 

The 13 members put the ring on their little finger on the right hand, and do not take it off, whatever they are doing. 
SEVENTEENSEVENTEENIn this video, MINGYU showed his right hand with no SEVENTEEN ring, and it surprisingly had an odd shape. 

The very bottom part of his pinky was considerably thinner to the rest of the part of it. 

MINGYU explained, "I always got my ring made in a smaller size, because I wanted to make sure it stayed there still, even when I'm dancing and moving about a lot." 

He continued, "I've had the ring on this finger for years, but never taken it out, so the part where I put my ring on didn't grow. Hence, this particular shape of my finger."

He added while showing off his new SEVENTEEN ring, "But the ring that we got made this time is much thinner than usual. I also made them a bit bigger than my normal size. I really like the new ring." 

This showed how much love MINGYU had for SEVENTEEN, and fans all went soft upon watching this part of the video. 

(Credit= 'SEVENTEEN' YouTube, 'pledis_17' Twitter) 

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