Sun Ye Says She Does Not Regret Devoting Her Youth to Wonder Girls

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 5, 2022

Sun Ye Says She Does Not Regret Devoting Her Youth to Wonder Girls
Sun Ye, formerly of disbanded K-pop girl group Wonder Girls, shared that she does not regret dedicating her youth to Wonder Girls. 

On August 4 episode of MBC FM4U's radio show 'Date at 2PM', Sun Ye made a guest appearance. 

During the show, Sun Ye reminisced the past when she was part of Wonder Girls. 

Sun Ye said, "We were so busy back then. We used to eat in our van, and sleep with our mouth open there. We had our make-up on as well. After waking up from a short sleep, we would go and perform." 

She continued, "But I don't regret devoting my youth to Wonder Girls at all. Every moment as Wonder Girls was precious to me." 
Wonder GirlsThen, Sun Ye was asked which Wonder Girls song she likes the most. 

Sun Ye picked 'NOBODY' and explained her reasons, "'Tell Me' was a song that was really hard to relate and understand. When I first heard 'Tell Me', I was like, 'What is this...?'" 

She went on, "The song had '80s disco vibes, and we were all born in the '90s, so we just couldn't get the song as well as the whole concept." 

But she said when she listened to 'NOBODY', she instantly felt like it would do well. 

Sun Ye stated, "'NOBODY' was cool though. When I listened to it, I could sense the song being liked by many. It had the melody that people could easily copy." 
Wonder GirlsAfter that, Sun Ye revealed that she has to wrap up her promotion for her solo album 'Genuine' and go back to Canada soon. 

The K-pop star said, "I intentionally released my album at the time of my children's summer holiday. They're all in Korea with me at the moment. But I do have to return to Canada soon."

She added, "Even though I don't have a specific plan for my future solo activities yet, I plan on actively taking part in them from now on." 
Wonder GirlsSun Ye debuted as a Wonder Girls leader in 2007, and officially left the group in July 2015.

In the beginning of 2013, she unexpectedly announced her marriage with a Korean-Canadian missionary James Park. 

Since getting married, she has been living with her husband and three daughters in Canada. 

(Credit= 'sunye.m' Instagram, 'wondergirlsworld' Facebook) 

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