BTS J-HOPE Reveals That He Couldn't Eat or Sleep Well Until JIMIN Arrived in Chicago

By  유지원 에디터  | Aug 5, 2022

J-HOPE of K-pop boy group BTS shared that his fellow member JIMIN was like a ray of sunlight in his darkest times, facing the pressure of performing alone at 'Lollapalooza'.

Following his solo performance at Chicago's annual music 'Lollapalooza' on July 31 (local time), J-HOPE held a live broadcast to interact with his fans.
BTS J-HOPE, JIMINJIMIN, who flew all the way from Seoul to Chicago to show support for J-HOPE's first-ever solo music festival appearance, accompanied J-HOPE throughout the live broadcast.

J-HOPE said that the pressure of filling the stage all by himself was so intense that he had lost his appetite and could not even sleep well.
BTS J-HOPE, JIMINBTS J-HOPE, JIMINTo this, JIMIN shared that he decided to go to Chicago and be there for J-HOPE as he felt that J-HOPE would be lonely during his preparation and actual performance on stage.

J-HOPE said, "I didn't have any appetite when I arrived in the U.S., so I barely ate. When JIMIN came, that's when I was finally able to eat."

He added, "While preparing for my performance, it felt like I'm in an endless darkness. JIMIN literally was a ray of sunlight in my darkness. He helped me so much."
BTS J-HOPE, JIMINFans who watched the live broadcast commented, "That's what friends are for! This is so heartwarming.", "How can you not love them.", "JIMIN must have felt J-HOPE's pressure. He's truly the best.", and more.
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