"But I'm Still Searching for a Rapper" ZICO Says He Is Preparing to Launch a Boy Group

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 5, 2022

"But I'm Still Searching for a Rapper" ZICO Says He Is Preparing to Launch a Boy Group
K-pop artist ZICO revealed that he is preparing to launch a boy group. 

On August 4 episode of SBS POWER FM's radio show 'Cultwo Show', ZICO and girl group STAYC made a guest appearance.

During the show, one middle school student in the audience asked ZICO if he can give advice on becoming a successful K-pop star. 

ZICO thought for a little while, then answered, "Umm... I think it's important that you meet a good agency. You must be under a good agency.", then laughed. 

As soon as the members of STAYC heard his answer, they burst out laughing and agreed with him by saying, "That's so true! We're totally with you!" 
ZICOWhile they were on the topic of K-pop groups, ZICO mentioned that he is actually planning on launching a boy group himself. 

ZICO stated, "This boy group will not center around a specific genre of music, as I don't want the public to think that they have switched to another genre when they release music that is different to the genre that they had previously released."

He continued, "I still haven't managed to find a rapper in the group though. It's not a hip-hop group, but I believe it's important to have a rapper in it, because that would make the group much more colorful." 

He resumed, "It's been years since I started looking for a rapper, but I'm still in search of him. It's really hard to find him.", then he laughingly added, "It's probably because I'm setting the bar too high due to my high expectations of the group's rapper-to-be." 
ZICOZICO made debut as a rapper of boy group Block B in 2011. 

Since his debut, he has produced many songs for himself, Block B, other K-pop acts and hip-hop artists. 

He is taken as one of the most talented rapper as well as producer in the industry. 
ZICO(Credit= 'woozico0914' Instagram, SBS POWER FM Cultwo Show) 

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