KARINA Tells How Hard It Was for aespa Because of Hate Comments in Early Debut Days

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 5, 2022

KARINA Tells How Hard It Was for aespa Because of Hate Comments in Early Debut Days
KARINA of K-pop girl group aespa shared that it was difficult for aespa members to suck in the hate comments in their early debut days. 

Recently, the members of aespa sat down for an interview together. 

During the interview, KARINA talked about the hardships that the members faced in their early debut days for the very first time in public. 

KARINA said, "Back when it was announced that we would be making debut, and our photos were released online, we received lots of hate comments. A lot of people were really negative about our debut."

She continued, "We were the first girl group that our agency was launching in years, that was why. Due to those negative responses, we all had a very difficult time." 

She went on, "These days, we have many fans who are supportive and loving, but it honestly wasn't easy for us around the time when we made debut." 
aespa made their official debut with 'Black Mamba' in November 2020. 

They are the first K-pop girl group that SM Entertainment―one of the biggest entertainment companies in Korea―launched in six years after Red Velvet in August 2014. 

Since the members' details were unveiled, an unbelievable number of haters talked negatively about their past, appearance, ability and more. 

But they gradually managed to captivate the hearts of a great number of K-pop fans around the world with their talent, skills and charms following debut that they have become one of the most popular K-pop girl groups now.  
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