'JENNIE's Copycat?' Red Velvet YERI Responds to Malicious YouTube Video

By  유지원 에디터  | Aug 8, 2022

YERI of K-pop girl group Red Velvet fired back at a controversial YouTube channel which accused her of copying JENNIE of BLACKPINK's style.

On August 3, an YouTube channel called 'Sojang' posted a new video of YERI, accusing her of having 'JENNIE Disease'.

The controversial YouTube channel argued that YERI styled herself in dramatic outfits and makeup that does not suit her, just to look like JENNIE.
JENNIE, YERIJENNIE, YERIShortly after the toxic video went viral online, YERI took to fan messaging platform Bubble and addressed the accusation.

YERI said, "You know what? I'm going to live however I want. Honestly, I feel bad for people like them."

She continued, "They can only make money by putting others down. Let's just focus on our own lives and spend each day filled with love and happiness."
JENNIE, YERIFans also commented, "SM Entertainment, you really should do something with such toxic channels.", "YouTube has to take strong measures against such channels. They allow anybody to post trashy videos as long as there is views.", and more.

(Credit= Online Community, 'yerimese' 'jennierubyjane' Instagram)

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