The Face of BIGBANG G-DRAGON's Adorable Baby Nephew Is Unveiled

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 8, 2022

The Face of BIGBANG G-DRAGON's Adorable Baby Nephew Is Unveiled
The face of G-DRAGON of K-pop boy group BIGBANG's cute baby nephew Yi-deun has finally been unveiled. 

On August 7, G-DRAGON's older sister Kwon Da-mi uploaded new photos on her Instagram. 

The photos were taken of Yi-deun around the house, including the bathroom and bedroom. 

The first photo was of Yi-deun in a bathtub with a tube, looking out the window which had the view of the city. 

Over this photo, Kwon Da-mi wrote, "Grow up a little more until next year; we shall go to a swimming pool together then." 
G-DRAGON's nephewThe next two photos were of Yi-deun rolling about on the master bed. 

Over these photos, Kwon Da-mi wrote, "Spending my summer vacation with my son at home. But it's a little tiring for me. I'm not sure if I'm getting a rest or not..." 

She continued, "I guess I'm happy as long as you are happy though, Yi-deun." 
G-DRAGON's nephewG-DRAGON's nephewSurprisingly, in the last photo, Kwon Da-mi had revealed his face, filled with a happy smile. 

This marked the first time the face of Yi-deun was revealed to the public. 

Kwon Da-mi had always just posted photos of his hands or feet so far. 

Yi-deun's cute-looking face and smile that resemble G-DRAGON in his young days melted the hearts of many. 
G-DRAGONKwon Da-mi married actor Kim Min-joon in October 2019. 

The couple welcomed a baby boy named Kim Yi-deun this February, making G-DRAGON an uncle.

(Credit= 'damikwon_' Instagram, Family Entertainment) 

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