Lee Jung Jae Makes Lee Seung Gi Upset by Mistakenly Calling Him Song Joong Ki

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 8, 2022

Lee Jung Jae Makes Lee Seung Gi Upset by Mistakenly Calling Him Song Joong Ki
Actor Lee Jung Jae mistakenly called singer Lee Seung Gi as actor Song Joong Ki, making him upset. 

On August 7 episode of SBS' television show 'Master in the House', Lee Jung Jae and actor Jung Woo Sung made a guest appearance. 

In this episode, the members of 'Master in the House' tried out acting a scene from Lee Jung Jae's first-ever movie 'Hunt', which was recently premiered.

When Lee Seung Gi and Yang Se-hyung were getting ready for the shoot, and practicing their lines, Lee Jung Jae directed them in a serious manner.
Lee Jung JaeAs he did so, Lee Jung Jae made a huge mistake that made Lee Seung Gi instantly upset and leave the rehearsal. 

It was that Lee Jung Jae called his name as "Joong Ki" by mistake. 

As soon as Lee Seung Gi heard Lee Jung Jae referring to him as "Joong Ki", he clarified to Lee Jung Jae "I'm Seung Gi!" 

When Lee Jung Jae realized his mistake, he burst into great laughter. 
Lee Jung JaeLee Jung JaeThen, Lee Seung Gi tried to leave the room while saying to Lee Jung Jae, "In that case, just cast Song Joong Ki! I'm the lead here, and I can't stand you not even knowing my name." 

He jokingly continued, "I can't do this. I'm too annoyed. Someone call my manager. I can't do this anymore, seriously. Just work with Song Joong Ki, okay?" 

Lee Jung Jae awkwardly laughed, put his arm around Lee Seung Gi's shoulders and apologized to him. 

But since Lee Seung Gi continued to be upset, he told him, "It came out that way because of my poor pronunciation, Seung Gi! Seung Gi! What's with my pronunciation? Why is it so bad?" 
Lee Jung Jae(Credit= SBS Master in the House, HiSTORY) 

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