VIDEO: SANGYEON's Nephew Gives Candies to Fans Who Came to THE BOYZ's Concert

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 8, 2022

VIDEO: SANGYEON's Nephew Gives Candies to Fans Who Came to THE BOYZ's Concert
K-pop boy group THE BOYZ's leader SANGYEON's nephew gave a special gift to fans who came to see the group's concert. 

Last weekend, THE BOYZ's encore concert 'THE BOYZ WORLD TOUR : THE B-ZONE IN SEOUL ENCORE' took place at KSPO DOME, Seoul. 

A special audience came to see the concert, and that was SANGYEON's nephew. 

He came with a cute matching t-shirt and shorts alongside a large yellow backpack. 
THE BOYZBefore the concert, SANGYEON's nephew went up to fans lining up to enter the venue and suddenly opened his backpack. 

Then, he took out bags of sweets and started giving them away to each fan. 

Fans could not stop going, "Awww!" upon witnessing such a cute scene, and stuck out their hands so that they could receive his gift. 

They commented, "Give me one too! Thank you so much!", and some gave their own snack to him in return. 
As SANGYEON's nephew would not stop giving away candies for ages, two adults who looked like his parents, held his hand and walked towards the entrance. 

It seemed like SANGYEON's nephew was enjoying the mini giveaway event that he was holding, because he kept trying not to go that way. 

They had to persuade him persistently to wrap the event up, and enter the venue. 

When he entered the venue, he began the event once again; he gave candies to fans around his seat. 

All fans who were lucky enough to take part in the event shared their gratitude to SANGYEON's nephew on their social media, and also told him how they were able to smile on a hot day waiting in line outside thanks to him.
THE BOYZ(Credit= Online Community, 'officialTHEBOYZ' Facebook) 

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