Jung Woo Sung Apologizes for "Stealing" Candy From a Fan

By  유지원 에디터  | Aug 9, 2022

Jung Woo Sung Apologizes for "Stealing" Candy From a Fan
Actor Jung Woo Sung apologized for unintentionally stealing a fan's candy.

On August 8, Jung Woo Sung's management agency Artist Company shared a video of Jung Woo Sung on the agency's official Instagram.

Along with the video, Artist Company wrote, "During the 'Hunt' stage greetings held in Daegu on August 7, someone handed a Mentos to Jung Woo Sung."

The agency explained, "Jung Woo Sung is desperately looking for the owner of the candy, so anyone who knows or is the owner, please let us know via DM or comments."
Jung Woo Sung Apologizes for In the video, Jung Woo Sung said, "I was shaking someone's hand during the Daegu even, and the person had Mentos in his/her hand."

He continued to explain, "I thought that person was giving me the Mentos, so I said 'Thank you' and put it in my pocket. But I guess that wasn't it. I apologize for accidentally stealing the candy."
Jung Woo Sung Apologizes for The incident first came to light when a post titled, 'Jung Woo Sung took my Mentos' went viral online.

In the post, the fan wrote, "I went to the stage greetings event, and I had Mentos in my pocket. I was just holding the Mentos in my hand, and he took it."

The fan later shared that he/she reached out to the agency, and the agency provided the fan some more along with goodies as well as some Mentos.

(Credit= 'artistcompany' Instagram, Nate Pann)

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