VIDEO: Kim Tae Ri Panics After Realizing She Had No Mask on When She Had to

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 9, 2022

VIDEO: Kim Tae Ri Panics After Realizing She Had No Mask on When She Had to
Actress Kim Tae Ri was seen panicking after realizing she had no mask on when she had to. 

On August 7, some photos and videos from the premiere of a recently-released movie 'Alienoid' were uploaded online. 

One of the videos that caught the attention of many was a short video that focused on Kim Tae Ri. 

Ahead of the movie, Kim Tae Ri said to the audience, "I really enjoyed filming 'Alienoid'. We filmed the movie for over a year, and I received so much love on site from everybody I worked with during that time." 

She continued, "It's a new type of movie that has never been released in Korea yet, so I had much fun watching it. I hope you all have a good time watching the movie like I did." 

She went on, "If you liked the movie, do tell your friends and family about it so that they can come and watch the movie too. Stay healthy in this hot summer, and stay healthy in the winter as well. Just be healthy at all times!" 
After her speech, she passed on the microphone to actor So Jisub next to her. 

As he spoke, Kim Tae Ri waved to the audience with a big smile on her face. 

While doing so, she happened to touch her cheek, and since she felt her skin instead of a mask that should have been there, her eyes widened and mouth dropped open. 
Kim Tae RiKim Tae Ri immediately put her belongings down, turned around and put a mask on that she had on her wrist. 

One staff ran to check on her as she seemed so shocked, but it looked like she told him that it was because she forgot to wear a mask, as he went back to his place right away. 

In Korea, it is still the case that you have to wear a mask in indoor public places, although you can take them off outside.  

Kim Tae Ri seemed to have forgotten to put the mask back on before she entered the movie theater, and panicked as she realized that she had completely forgotten the fact. 
Upon watching this particular video, fans laughed and left comments such as, "Can't stop laughing!", "She's so cute!", "This is exactly why I love her!" and so on. 

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