NCT JUNGWOO Gives a One and Only Gift to a Fan―His Cologne

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 9, 2022

NCT JUNGWOO Gives a One and Only Gift to a Fan―His Cologne
One lucky fan who went to see JUNGWOO of K-pop boy group NCT last Saturday received a special gift from him. 

August 6 was the 1-year anniversary of JUNGWOO's debut as a host for MBC's music show 'Show! Music Core'.

In celebration of this day, JUNGWOO and the other two hosts prepared some rice cakes with a signed box for fans who came to see them. 
JUNGWOOBut more fans than they expected came to 'Show! Music Core' recording to show their support that one of them ended up without the rice cake gift. 

After JUNGWOO found out the fan was his fan, he decided to give her at least something to take back home. 

A little while into the recording, JUNGWOO came towards the seats where NCT fans were sitting and walked up to the fan who did not get the rice cake gift earlier. 

Then, he put his hand in his pocket to take something out and handed them to the fan. 

It turned out they were two single rice cakes with his signature on top, and a sample-sized cologne. 
JUNGWOOJUNGWOOAs JUNGWOO gave this to her, he apparently said, "You didn't get the rice cake gift, right? This is a cologne that I use, and I thought may be this could replace it..." 

According to the fan, he sounded truly sorry, and caring about her. 

The fact that JUNGWOO personally came to apologize and give something else to her really seemed to tell how sweet he is as well as how much love he has for his fans. 

The fan shared this sweet story on her social media afterwards, and his move touched the hearts of many fans. 
JUNGWOO(Credit= Online Community, SM Entertainment, 'MBCMusicCore' Twitter) 

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