VIDEO: Camera Falls Right on STAYC ISA's Cake During Her Birthday Live Broadcast

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 10, 2022

VIDEO: Camera Falls Right on STAYC ISA's Cake During Her Birthday Live Broadcast
ISA of K-pop girl group STAYC's first birthday live broadcast is making lots of K-pop fans laugh. 

Recently, one past video of ISA went viral online. 

The video was a past live broadcast on NAVER V LIVE that she held on her birthday last year. 

This marked her first-ever birthday celebration live broadcast following her debut; it had only been two months since her debut. 

Since it was also ISA's first time holding a live broadcast by herself, she seemed quite nervous from the beginning.  

She laughingly said, "I can't breathe. Let me breathe. I'm okay, I'm okay. I'm just a little nervous, that's all. I'm enjoying myself, don't worry." 
ISAAfter saying hi to fans, ISA showed off a strawberry cream cake that she stated that she received from fans for her birthday. 

With a bright smile, she started singing a birthday song to herself and blew out the candle, explaining that only kind people could see the light on the candle. 

Following that, ISA began having the cake while reading the comment section at the same time. 

Right then, the camera on a mini tripod in front of the cake suddenly lost its balance and collapsed on the cake. 
ISAOnly ISA's laugh was heard, and everything went black on the screen. 

ISA laughingly commented, "Everyone, there is like cream all over the camera! Oh, no...!" 

When she managed to get the camera back up, she wiped it clean. 

Then, ISA showed the cake to fans, which half of it was greatly damaged. 

She could not stop laughing for ages, and awkwardly said, "I guess the camera wanted some of my cake." 


(SBS Star)