BTS J-HOPE Recognizes Former BIG HIT Ent. Staff After 6 Years

By  유지원 에디터  | Aug 10, 2022

Park So-hyun's Lovegame, J-HOPE
J-HOPE of K-pop boy group BTS' cute reaction after bumping into a former staff of his agency went viral online.

On August 8, J-HOPE made a guest appearance on SBS POWER FM's 'Park So-hyun's Love Game'.
Park So-hyun's Lovegame, J-HOPEDuring the show, J-HOPE talked about his solo album, his recent performance at 'Lolapalooza', 'Jack In The Box' listening party, and more.

After the broadcast, J-HOPE realized that one of the staff members of 'Park So-hyun's Love Game' is actually a former staff of his management agency, BIG HIT Entertainment (currently BIG HIT MUSIC).
Park So-hyun's Lovegame, J-HOPEThe BTS member even stepped back a little in astonishment, reuniting with the staff after six years.

J-HOPE and the staff talked for a while with the shows DJ Park So-hyun, and warmly shared a hug.
Park So-hyun's Lovegame, J-HOPESeeing J-HOPE and the staff's warm interaction, fans commented, "Aww, this is so sweet.", "This shows what a kind person J-HOPE really is.", and more.
(Credit= BIG HIT MUSIC, 'SBS Radio 에라오' YouTube)

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