VIDEO: BIGBANG G-DRAGON Spotted Playing with His Baby Nephew

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 11, 2022

VIDEO: BIGBANG G-DRAGON Spotted Playing with His Baby Nephew
G-DRAGON of K-pop boy group BIGBANG uploaded a post on Instagram showing him and his baby nephew having the time of their lives with each other. 

On August 10, G-DRAGON updated his Instagram with a video and photo. 

In the video, G-DRAGON was seen smiling brightly while looking at his nephew 'Yi-deun' on his lap. 

G-DRAGON continuously held Yi-deun up in the air in fun ways to make him happy. 

As he did so, Yi-deun laughed and G-DRAGON also smiled, looking at him laugh. 

G-DRAGON's older sister Kwon Da-mi, behind the camera, laughed as well and commented, "Yi-deun, are you having much fun?" 

It seemed like they were all having a great family time together. 

After this video, G-DRAGON posted an adorable photo of him with Yi-deun on his lap; his eyes were filled with love for Yi-deun. 

G-DRAGON officially became an uncle this February when Yi-duen―Kwon Da-mi and actor Kim Min-joon's son―was born. 

Previously, Kwon Da-mi shared that she could see the face of G-DRAGON in Yi-deun sometimes. 

After his face was unveiled, many agreed and said that he really did resemble G-DRAGON, especially his cute-looking face and smile. 
G-DRAGON(Credit= 'xxxibgdrgn' Instagram) 

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